About RDA Jobs

RDA Jobs is a fast, free and efficient online job matching initiative where employers post jobs and candidates are automatically matched by their skills, qualifications and experience. RDA Jobs is a partnership between Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett and 123 Jobs.


Register Now

It's simple. Candidates register their free online profile and when a suitable job is posted the site automatically matches with the best candidates and send them an email or SMS advising of the job.

If the jobseeker is interested, then RDA Jobs notifies the potential employer who can then initiate the formal interview process.

This “job matching for the 21 century” model ensures employers are getting interested and qualified applicants and that jobseekers are only being informed of jobs they are qualified for and interested in.

RDA Jobs focuses on the major employment sectors of:

  • Retail and hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Resources and mining
  • Construction
  • Transport and Logistics

You don't have to be unemployed to register as a candidate, you may just be interested in other jobs closer to home or more suitable.

Entering the rdajobs code guarantees that RDA can view and contact you should you be the next perfect match.


Post a Job

Where else can you post your jobs and find qualified and interested employees for free?

RDA Jobs is the fastest and most efficient method to find your next employee. Best of all it's free, saving you hundreds of dollars off newspaper and other forms of advertising.

Hours after positing your online job vacancy, RDA Jobs has already notified the most suitable candidates in its database and seeking their interest in your position.

I am an Employer, How Does RDA work for me?

RDA Jobs is a FREE service connecting Employers and Employees in the fields of

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Resources & Mining

Step 1- 5 minutes to Register
Step 2- Post Your Vacancy
Step 3- Suitable Jobseekers are notified
Step 4- Choose your qualified applicant for contact- it's that easy!

* To ensure your posting is free, you must use the code rdajobs at checkout.

How to Guide

Step 1.

Register Now

You will be taken to the 123Jobs account register page.

Step 2.

Fill out your intial account details and create your new password – remember if the referral code doesn't automatically populate simply type in rdajobs

Once complete, press continue at the bottom of the registration form.

Step 3.

Fill out your candidate profile following the prompts until complete.

Completed profile example

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It's free! There is no charge for candidates to complete their profile and start receiving notifications of jobs you might be interested in.

I can't remember or would like to change my password:

To reset your password just click here. Your username is your email address.

I've completed my profile. What happens now?

Now it's over to us. From here on in we will automatically match you with jobs that meet the requirements and skills set out in your profile and notify you of these straight away by email and sms.

Remember to respond quickly to jobs we notify you of, as employers are able to see candidate profiles in real time once you let us know that you're interested.

Can I update my profile?

Absolutely. If you gain additional qualifications, renew a licence, change address or have any other changes to make simply login and click "Personal profile".

Why do I have to provide so much information?

All of the information you provide in your profile is used to match you with the most appropriate jobs. We don't pass on any identifying information (eg. your personal contact details or those of your referees) until you let us know that you are interested in a particular job.

What can I do to stand out?

It's a competitive job market out there and anything you can do to stand out from the crowd is a good thing. Make sure you've got the basics right and that you've completed all the fields that apply to you and make sure that no skill or qualification is left out. In the Personal Description space make sure you spend a few minutes thinking about what an employer will want to know about you – what it is that will make them pick up the phone and call you before another candidate.

What do I do if I've found a job and I don't want to keep receiving job notifications?

That's easy... just log into your profile and press ‘snooze'!

I can't remember or would like to change my password

To reset your password just click here. Your username is your email address.

How much does it cost?

Free through RDA Jobs – usual costs of $150 (incl GST) to post a one-off job.

I've just posted a job on 123jobs. What happens now?

Once you've completed a ‘Job Profile', reviewed the candidates that match your criteria and paid to post the job live, 123jobs will contact every matched candidate and inform them about the job that you're looking to fill. If a candidate tells us they're interested then each of those candidates' profiles will be unlocked as your shortlist for that job.

From there you can review the full profile of all interested candidates and contact those suitable to move through to interview stage and beyond.

What is a Candidate Profile?

A Candidate Profile is the concise yet detailed document in which a candidate's information is presented to you, the employer. The 123jobs Candidate Profile replaces the need to receive, sort and identify talent from hundreds of different resume formats and styles. You'll be able to compare candidate's skills, qualifications, availability, work history and personal descriptions quickly and easily.

How will I know when Candidates are interested in my job?

Once a candidate tells RDA that they're interested in your job their full profile will display on your Dashboard immediately. If you're too busy to check your account throughout the day, we'll send you an informative email each morning to let you know how many candidates have responded that they are interested in your job.